Peer Review Scheme

The Money Advice Service (MAS) has a statutory responsibility for enhancing the quality of debt advice across the UK, in order to secure the best possible outcomes for clients receiving debt advice.


The Peer Review Scheme is one strand of this focus, which provides a mechanism for current specialist debt advisers to assess the quality of advice provided by their peers. The scheme has been drawn up with input from a range of organisations across the debt advice sector.

Under the Scheme, peer reviewers will review clients’ files and assess how well those clients have been advised and how any work undertaken on their behalf has been carried out. They will identify any areas where those organisations being reviewed, and their advisers, can introduce a continuous improvement plan and will support them in exploring actions required to make the changes. The scheme will also highlight areas of good and best practice and share them across the sector.

The Peer Review Scheme will initially be rolled out with organisations receiving Money Advice Service funding in England and Wales, and expanded into Scotland and Northern Ireland as new funding agreements are agreed.

For further information on the Scheme, the following documents have been published by the Money Advice Service:

Peer Review Scheme (August 2016)

Peer Review Scheme Information for Participating Organisations (August 2016)

As well as the following Recognising Excellence documentation:

Pre Assessment Guidance and Questionnaire

Peer Reviewer Code of Conduct

Peer Reviewer Confidentiality and Data Security Agreement

Peer Review Scheme FAQ and Clarifications

To find out more about the Peer Review Scheme please contact Amanda Jordan:

Helpline: 07584 355486

The recruitment process for the Peer Review delivery team has closed.

If anyone is interested in participating within the Scheme, please contact