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The new version of the Lexcel standard (‘v6.1’) became mandatory for all assessments taking place from 1 November 2018. V6.1 reflects recent changes to AML regulations. And, it places a significant emphasis upon compliance with GDPR/data protection; compliance with which we know is of great concern to many legal practices and departments.

In response to demand from clients who were unable to attend our Lexcel V6.1 Training events we recorded a webinar covering the Introduction to Lexcel V6.1.

We have created a new webinar on ‘Preparing for a Lexcel Assessment and The Application Process’ which is free of charge to all organisations looking to move forward to Certification. If you are, and you would like a free copy please email

Additionally, if you are a potential new client to Recognising Excellence and you would like a no obligation quote email

The Lexcel V5.1 International webinar and all of the others mentioned are available to Recognising Excellences clients simply by emailing

The Lexcel V5.1 International webinar is available now so if you would like a copy please email

Recognising Excellence is currently working in Partnership with an approved Cyber Essentials accreditation company ATG-IT to help you plan and implement all your cyber security needs. The main contact there is Steve McGowan and he can be contacted on or 01527 570535.

In the meantime, if you need any support with Cyber Essentials accreditation, I will be happy to help

Please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with or are interested in a free of charge visit from an assessor.

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