How is the AQS assessed?

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How is the AQS Assessed?

The AQS assessment process is simple, transparent and does not intrude on your every-day working practices. 

For the AQS applications and assessment Webinar click here

Step 1: Submitting your Application Form

  • When you are ready to apply for the AQS, you should complete and submit the AQS Application Form and supporting policies and procedures
  • The Application Form is your contract to proceed with the AQS assessment process and triggers the allocation of your AQS Assessor

Step 2: Desktop Audit

  • By reviewing your policies and procedures your Assessor will determine alignment against AQS requirements and produce a formal positioning report
  • The report will set out any corrective actions and/or omissions which you will be expected to address before your on-site assessment takes place

Step 3: On-Site Assessment

  • The on-site assessment visit needs to take place within 60 days of the Desktop Audit There is a separate fee for the desk top audit (for assessment fees please see out Pricing Schedule on our Application Documentation page)
  • The on-site assessment will be for at least a day and your Assessor will need to speak to members of the advice team as well as the person responsible for the advice service
  • N.B. It is important that these staff are available during the on-site assessment and you should take this into consideration when booking your assessment
  • The Assessor will produce a report which may include further corrective actions which you must address within 28 days in order to achieve accreditation

Step 4: Corrective Actions

  • You must complete the corrective actions identified and send evidence required back to the assessor (usually by email) within the specified timescale of 28 days
  • All assessment reports are finally signed off by the Advice Services Alliance at which point the Advice Quality Standard is awarded

Step 5: Accreditation

  • Celebrate your success! You will be given access to the AQS logo which you are encouraged to display on your website and within your promotional material
  • Share your success with Recognising Excellence and the Advice Service Alliance; please feel free to send us photographs of your celebration event and we’ll include this in the quarterly ASA newsletter

Step 6: The Monitoring Review Assessment 

  • The AQS award is made for a period of 2 years (24 months) and at the end of this period, the Advice Quality Standard will lapse (and with it the licence to use the logo)
  • In order to maintain AQS accreditation you are required to be reviewed every 2 years and your monitoring review assessment should not exceed your 2 year anniversary accreditation date.

N.B. You are not subject to a desktop review at the Monitoring Review Assessment stage


Please contact the AQS Team or call 01452 688357 to request an application pack.