Covid 19 Update- SQM contingency 28 February 2022

In conjunction with the LAA, we have continued to monitor the Covid-19 closely and in particular, our ability to conduct audits in the traditional way. In agreement with the LAA and in recognition of the extraordinary and unique challenges presented by the pandemic, the following options remain available for all SQM audits scheduled to take place up to 28 February 2022

A traditional site-based audit whereby the Auditor will attend your offices to complete staff interviews, review central records and selection of client files.
A remote audit where all activity will be completed off site. All documentation required for the audit including client files, will need to be shared electronically with the Auditor. Staff interviews will be completed via video conferencing or telephone.
A blended hybrid audit where central records and client files will be looked at on site. Staff interviews will be completed remotely via video conferencing or telephone.
For all audits scheduled to take place after this time it is currently envisaged these will take place via the traditional site-based approach, however this position will be kept under review.

Please be assured that where a site visit is scheduled, our team will work closely with you to ensure appropriate mutual considerations are made in relation to Covid-19 to ensure the audit approach is ‘Covid-19 risk free’ and that social distancing can be observed as appropriate.

Further information is available via the LAA website.

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