Audit fees are determined by the total number of full-time individuals that are involved in delivering the legal advice service. This extends to Managers, Supervisors, Fee Earners, Consultants, Administration and Finance support. A full-time equivalent is based upon one person working a 35-hour week.

Upon receipt of your application, audit costs will be calculated based upon the information that has been declared within your completed application and an invoice will be sent to you.

Audit fees are fixed with the Legal Aid Agency from 1st October 2022 . All figures quoted below are excluding VAT which will be applied at the prevailing rate.

1 FTE*2 – 6 FTE*7 – 15 FTE*16 – 60 FTE*61+ FTE*
New ApplicantsDesktop Audit£275.00
New Applicants
Pre-Quality Mark Audit£825.00£1000.00£1350.00£1700.00£1800.00
Existing HoldersPost Quality Mark Audit£825.00£1000.00£1350.00£1700.00£1800.00

All prices quoted do not include VAT which will be charged at the prevailing rate.
Expenses: No additional expenses will be charged on top of the audit fees stated above

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