Clients and Testimonials

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Clients and Testimonials

Lexcel provides a lens through which we can view and draw together all the various strands of compliance requirements which is otherwise daunting task in an ever more regulated business environment.  The annual assessment provides a spur to ensuring all necessary policies plans and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated. Lexcel provides positive affirmation and confirmation that these processes have been carried out to a good standard and the trickle down benefit to the firm in terms of renewed commitment to excellent client care and high quality work is invaluable.

As all of our staff will testify, Lexcel was not a process which we needed to shoehorn forcibly into our daily working life but is the very fabric of what we do and the method by which we manage our firm. There are a myriad of professional and regulatory procedures with which we must comply and Lexcel knits all of these together and is our living breathing companion.

All staff were very appreciative of your conduct of the audit and they were saying that despite their nervousness in the beginning they were able to have a very open and fruitful conversation with you during the interviews. In fact they said they did not feel like they were having an ‘audit interview’. They said they felt relaxed and able to have meaningful and fruitful conversation with you. Thank you also for your very instructive recommendations
Lexcel brings a measurable standard against which we can assess our management systems, and provides objective feedback in the way we run the firm. It also gives something we can evidence to third parties - the LAA, insurers, the bank - to show we are a well run firm.
I just want to express thanks to my Assessor and Assessment body for taking into account the fact that my firm is very small and the costs of assessment and maintaining the Lexcel Standard are significant, and both dealt with this issue sensitively and constructively
Assists us to keep focused in managing the business. Lexcel provides quidance and standards to provide the best service to clients and to maintain compliance with all SRA rules and regulations.


Feedback from the staff regarding the conduct of the assessment was very good. They were very impressed with the approach of the Assessor who conducted the interviews in an approachable and equally very thorough manner. Most importantly the staff commented that the experience was engaging and that they also learned a great deal during the 2 days assessment
We can only say that we feel the Lexcel Standard is a huge benefit to our business - it pulls all members of the firm together and we know we are all striving for the same thing. This is a benefit to staff and clients alike
Your assessor was first class, really understood the business and provided added value feedback for business improvements
The firm is in much better shape to face the challenges that the legal sector face now and in the future, Lexcel has given us peace of mind
The assessment was a very positive experience for us, independent audit can be a very daunting prospect but every element was well thought out and planned
I would like to thank you for the approach taken to the inspection. For several of our fee earners it was their first experience of being interviewed for the assessment process and some were more nervous than others! However, all reported back that it was a positive experience with opportunity to respond openly and freely to the questions asked in a formal but relaxed setting

I felt that the assessment procedure was handled excellently.  Fiona was very thorough and her feedback/suggestions were constructive and useful. I would like to thank Fiona for her thorough and professional approach to our assessment

It was genuinely refreshing to be assessed/audited by a body that seem focused on achieving the best for our Firm, as opposed to looking to find fault. Complaints dropped 25% in the first year of having Lexcel Certification
We have definitely seen year on year bottom line improvements since we implemented Lexcel