The Debt Advice Quality Framework

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) is the core funder for the provision of debt advice across England with access to high quality advice, central to its strategic function. Click here for further information.

What is the Money and Pensions Service Debt Advice Quality Framework?

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) Debt Advice Quality Framework was introduced in 2013 to raise the quality and consistency of debt advice across the UK.

Providing a single baseline mechanism to quality assurance, the framework enables standards, membership codes, qualifications and vocational training in use across the debt advice sector to become accredited by MaPS.

The Framework comprises of two interlinked and essential parts. Together these two strands form the overall approach to assure the high quality delivery of a debt advice service.

  • Organisational quality framework for quality standards and membership codes
  • Individual quality framework for debt advice training and development

Any standard or membership code that is externally assessed as meeting all of the framework requirements is ‘accredited’ and a list of those standards is published on the MaPS Debt Quality website.

The individual component of the framework is based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) an approach supported by stakeholders during the initial consultation process. NOS are owned by various Sector Skills Councils and those used in the MaPS Quality Framework were developed by the advice sector.

The framework for individuals has been developed to ensure that the range of debt advice qualifications and training programmes support debt advisers with the knowledge and skills to undertake the range of activities required to assist clients with high quality debt advice.

Accredited training and qualifications are detailed on the Learning Pathway Hub on the MaPS Debt Quality website outlining the pathway that debt advisers can take when choosing the appropriate training or qualification for their role.

Please refer to the Money and Pensions Service Debt Advice Quality Framework for more details.

Further information is available on the MaPs website please click the link below:
Money and Pensions Service Website

For the MaPS Quality Framework please click the link below:
Money and Pensions Service Quality Framework March 2020

To find out more about the accreditation process or to discuss your own application, please email Recognising Excellence or call 01452 688357.

Why Recognising Excellence?

Recognising Excellence specialises in providing assessments for quality standards in the debt advice sector and has been licensed by the Money and Pensions Service since its inception to administer the application and assessment process. During this time Recognising Excellence has developed a detailed understanding of the MaPS accreditation processes and outcomes, refining and improving the process to manage the needs and expectations of clients both during and after the assessment process.

Recognising Excellence holds both ISO 9001 and Cyber Essentials accreditation.

MaPS Accreditation and Covid 19

The MaPS accreditation process is carried out remotely and is therefore not affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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