DAPA Assessor Recruitment

Recognising Excellence is currently recruiting to support delivery of the Money Advice Service Peer Review Scheme.  The Peer Review Scheme has been in operation since 2015 and has been rolled out across all organisations receiving funding from the Money Advice Service in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland.  This current recruitment activity builds upon two previous opportunities and our objective is to recruit a diverse pool of experienced specialist debt advice caseworkers and to utilise their expertise as part of a wider team of Peer Reviewers. 


The principles of our approach to delivering the Peer Review Scheme are as follows:

          a) Peer Reviewer Recruitment:

  • To recruit a team of impartial Peer Reviewers from the existing pool of qualified and experienced specialist Debt Advisers in the advice sector, who meet the defined role and person specifications
  • To develop expertise within the Peer Reviewer team in identifying examples of good practice and areas for development at both an organisational and individual adviser level.
  • Recruited Peer Reviewers will join a Peer Review Panel, led by experienced Senior Peer Reviewers
  • The Peer Review Scheme will be a mechanism for personal development for debt advisers who are planning to move into senior management, training or continuous improvement roles
  • The Scheme will continue to extend the opportunity to join the Peer Review Delivery team every 18 months, where appropriate, to ensure maximum input and reach of individuals across the debt advice sector

    b) Scheme Delivery:
  • Transparent peer to peer assessments, using non-conflicted and impartial Peer Reviewers.
  • A desktop based assessment process for all peer review assessment activity, working within a Service Level Agreement.
  • Site visits may be required for assessments of telephone channels and will be on a voluntary basis. The methodology for assessments of telephone advice is currently being finalised following the evaluation of a pilot assessment.
  • Findings of each peer review assessment will be shared with MAS to inform its performance framework and future commissioning arrangements.
  • Analysis of insight and knowledge gained from the peer review process will be undertaken to identify common challenges and learning/solutions which will be shared with MAS, and learnings cascaded to its funded debt advice providers and wider.
  • Collaboration with MAS to continue to create/refine examples of considered good practice through assessments undertaken with Scheme participants.

We are seeking to recruit a team of 10 -12 experienced specialist debt advisers into the role of a Peer Reviewer and are now inviting applications from those individuals who are interested in the role and meet the essential requirements as defined with the Person Specification. 

Applications are invited from both employed specialist caseworkers and freelance advisers who meet the defined person specification.  Where an individual is employed, it is essential that their application and intention to apply is discussed with their employer, to ensure commitment is obtained to allocating appropriate time to the role.

Successful applicants will be required to commit to participate with the Scheme for a period of 2 years, commencing March 2018 and will be able to contribute circa 30 days per annum for peer review assessment activity (usually in 1-3 day slots).  In addition, a commitment will be required for a further 10 days for the first year, and 4 days for the second year to undertake training and CPD activities, including initial training, and on- going consistency, and group moderation activities. Final selection and appointment of the team will ensure a sufficient range of suitably experienced peer reviewers covering the breadth and depth of the country to address any conflicts of interest with participating organisations.  It is envisaged that a minimum of 50% of the peer review team will be experienced and qualified at Court / Tribunal Representation level.

Full details of the Money Advice Service Peer Review Scheme and the role requirements and expectations of the Peer Review team are included within the Application Pack, available to download here

The closing date for applications is midday 10th November 2017.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Amanda Jordan, the Scheme’s Contract Manager on 07584 355 486 or via email amanda.jordan@recognisingexcellence.co.uk