Recognising Excellence are delighted to announce a new working partnership with Jonathon Bray Limited

Some background to this exciting company:

We are SRA compliance consultants helping lawyers, and those entering the legal market, to overcome regulatory burdens, saving valuable time and resources.
We are a niche risk management company for law firms, supporting our clients in a practical and commercial way. New and established law firms and new entrants to the legal profession rely on our expertise to navigate the daunting world of risk and regulatory compliance.

For existing law firms, we provide an innovative outsourced model for COLPs and COFAs (COLP-help).
We work with law firms of all sizes, from small regional firms to international practices. Other areas of work include:

COLP and COFA training for small groups and in-house teams – we deliver sessions in person, remotely or on-demand

Compliance audits and gap analysis – get actionable insight into the risk and compliance gaps, and likely points of failure (including AML)

File reviews – we provide an objective quality review on a remote basis or on-site

GDPR audits – make sure your law firm is compliant with the latest data protection laws

Due diligence – buying a law firm? We can audit the target firm’s compliance and reduce your transaction risk

Price and service transparency audits – are you compliant with the SRA Transparency Rules? We will check your website and publicity

Anti-money laundering audits – comply with your duty to get an ‘independent audit’ (Reg 21) of your AML controls. 20% DISCOUNT ON THE COST

Jonathon Bray

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