Quality Assurance Specialists – Pensions Advice and Guidance We currently have a number of opportunities for pensions specialists who have experience of delivering Pensions guidance and advice that are interested in supporting the IQAS service on a self-employed basis. If you have current experience of delivering pensions advice and guidance support to customers, combined with a passion for quality, this could be the role for you.

Recognising Excellence (RE) holds contractual responsibility with The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) to deliver an Independent Quality Assessment Service (IQAS) that will independently assess compliance with the FCA approved MaPS standards. MaPS has a statutory obligation under the Financial Guidance and Claims Act 2018 to monitor its own and MaPS’ delivery partners compliance with the MaPS Standards. This will be achieved through two separate workstreams.
Organisation wide testing of the MaPS Standards
Customer Facing Assessment of the MaPS Standards

These specialist service roles will assess compliance with the MaPS Standards across all MaPS’ insourced and outsourced Pensions service lines including pensions guidance and Pensions Wise. The IQAS service will provide MaPS with assurance that the services it funds provide high quality information, advice, and guidance to customers. Quality Assessors have a critical role in assessing the quality of advice delivered by MAPS funded organisations giving a fair, comprehensive, transparent assessment and providing constructive feedback for quality improvement. Successful applicants will undergo a detailed training programme that equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully undertake the role.

Self -Employed Assessors
Contracted to RE on a self-employed basis, Quality Assessors will support the IQAS programme by undertaking assessment activities at regular intervals (at least bi-weekly). Under the self-employed arrangement, individuals will identify their availability for assessments and deliver these activities within a defined service level agreement. It is expected that there will be regular participation with the work programme to ensure consistency within the assessment team.
Self-employed Assessors will be responsible for their own tax arrangements and professional indemnity insurance. Demonstration of current pensions guidance and advice knowledge is essential and self-employed Assessors will be responsible for their own CPD activities to maintain technical knowledge and competency, which will be periodically monitored. Additional to technical competency, ongoing training, and quality monitoring specific to the IQAS programme will be managed centrally by Recognising Excellence.
Remuneration is paid on a fixed unit price per assessment activity, equivalent to £250* per day.

  • All training activities mandated by the Quality Assessor role will also be fully remunerated at the same level.
    *Unit price averages circa £93.00 per assessment

  • Key Points of Note:
    • Self-employed Assessors will be responsible for providing their own IT equipment
  • • It is an essential requirement for this role that technical pensions advice knowledge remains current and up to date to ensure the quality of the assessment programme and credibility and technical accuracy of assessment findings. You will be responsible for maintaining your own CPD obligations to a minimum of 16 hours per year which will be periodically monitored by Recognising Excellence. Technical training is in addition to any training mandated by the quality programme.

Further information can be found in the following documents:

Quality Assurance Specialist – Pensions- Assessor – Role Description
• IQAS Pensions Quality Team – Application Form

Closing date for applications is 31st May 2024
Completed applications forms should be submitted to

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