How to Apply for an Audit

Whether you are applying for the SQM for the first time or you are an existing holder, please complete and return our application form available in the document download section below. If you would like to talk through your intention to apply, please contact our Help Desk.

Documentation available to download

SQM Application Form (.DOCX)

SQM Pricing Schedule (.DOCX)

SQM Terms of and Conditions(.DOC)

SQM Audit Preparation Guide incl. Self Assessment Guidance (.DOC)

SQM Self Assessment Checklist (.DOC)

SQM Standard (.PDF)

SQM Guidance to the Standard (.PDF)

SQM Complaints Policy and Procedure (.DOCX)

SQM Cancellation Policy (.DOCX)

LAA Equality and Diversity Data Capture Form April 2018