Lexcel 15

I think my firm would have closed without the yearly guidance of Lexcel and the assessor. The programme means that you have clear goals for the firm to follow and […]

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Lexcel 14

Lexcel brings a review of all of our systems throughout the year in preparation for our annual review. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have the review hanging

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Lexcel 13

Thank you very much once again for this year’s assessment. It is always such a pleasure to work with you and feedback from everyone involved with the assessment, particularly those

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Lexcel 12

It ensures we have systems in place enabling us to provide a high level of service to our clients, comply with the numerous regulations, and are efficient and continue to

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Lexcel 11

Lexcel provides us with a firmwide platform which is solid in its foundations. Following the standards throughout a matter assures us that we are working within a required framework providing

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Lexcel 10

Ability to manage matters in an organised manner which in turn minimises the likelihood of complaints and negligence circumstances. It is a useful tool in providing excellent client care.

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Lexcel 9

Provides us with the assurance to our client we are practicing under professional standards and to an excellent standard. Neil is also great at understand our unique business being in-house

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Lexcel 8

Lexcel has enabled us to build a comprehensive set of policies and procedures which have become a well established focus of all our work leading to improved efficiency and more

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Lexcel 7

In what has been a challenging year for the Firm Lexcel has provided a touchstone for quality. In spite of an enforced move to different work arrangements standards have been

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Lexcel 6

We view the Lexcel standard not as simply a Quality Standard that we must comply with, but as an important tool to assist the firm in developing and moving forward,

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