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The MaPS Quality Framework at ‘Individual’ level, focuses on the quality and appropriateness of the skills and learning delivered by training and qualification providers. The Individual Framework assessment criteria is based upon National Occupational Standards (NOS) which fall under the remit of the Skills for Justice Sector Skills Council. The NOS units and the Knowledge Criteria within each used in the Quality Framework, focus on the separate tasks and activities involved during the journey of debt advice. Using NOS as the basis of the Individual Framework has provided flexibility to ensure the framework remains relevant to each of the various business models used across the debt advice sector.

The Quality Framework for Individuals enables the providers of debt advice training and qualifications (including internal training and induction programmes) to submit their learning content and processes for independent assessment against the Framework.

Six activity sets have been identified which reflect the different tasks undertaken during the debt advice process by advisers in various roles, from the client’s initial enquiry through to possible court representation and the supervision of the case.

The six activity sets which form the structure of the assessment and accreditation process are:

  • Initial Contact
  • Support Work
  • Advice Work
  • Casework / Specialist
  • Court Representation
  • Supervision

In addition to the NOS competencies, the assessment process also considers the process and content of learning. Therefore, supplementary to the NOS requirements, the assessment will extend to the management, administration, learning and evaluation, insurance, complaints and feedback procedures and the performance mechanisms and robustness of these key factors. These are assessed as equal importance to the criteria with the NOS.

Application and Assessment

Applicants are invited to identify the level and complexity of learning that each programme of learning is designed to support. Our team of independent Assessors will determine whether each training course or qualification meets the Quality Framework criteria, or if further development is required before it can be awarded Money and Pensions Service accreditation.

There are three simple steps to applying:

  1. Complete the self assessment checklist identifying which training course/qualification (s) you would like to submit for accreditation, and which NOS units they are aligned to.
  2. Complete an application form for each training course/qualification you would like accredited.
  3. Submit the completed application form(s), self assessment checklist and supporting course/qualification content for assessment and verification against the Quality Framework.

Your application will then be considered by an impartial Assessor. The assessment process has been designed to provide an objective and consistent framework for quality control for the Money and Pension Service. There is no requirement for an on-site intervention as part of this assessment process, however there will be opportunities for 1:1 interaction with the Assessor.

A detailed report will be prepared which summarises whether sufficient evidence has been submitted to allow a recommendation of accreditation to be made to the Money and Pension Service.

Where additional information is required, detailed feedback will be provided and an action plan developed to enable a re-submission at a future date. Upon formal confirmation of MaPS accreditation, accreditation will be a valid for a period of three years, subject to re assessments during this period in the event of changes made to the content, materials or delivery approach of an accredited programme or qualification. See post accreditation supporting documentation in this instance.

Documents Available for Download

Initial / Full Reaccreditation Application Form

Interim Assessment Application Form

Self Assessment Checklist

Application Guidance Edition 8

Reassessment Guidance V3

Assessment Process Flowchart

Download SLA Document

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) used in the Quality Framework focus on the separate tasks and activities required for a debt adviser to be competent. The framework enables the providers of debt advice training and qualifications (including internal training programmes) to submit the content of their programme(s) for independent external assessment and verification.

There are six identified activity sets which form the structure of the application and assessment process:

  • Initial contact
  • Support work
  • Advice work
  • Casework / Specialist
  • Court representation
  • Supervision

The Quality Framework outlines each of the NOS Units that have been determined as essential learning for each of these activity sets and these will therefore be the basis against which the training and qualification programme content will be assessed and mapped to the Quality Framework for Individuals.

Debt activities, such as, support and advice work, are mapped to National Occupational Standards (NOS) in the grid below. These NOS are the minimum basis for training and/or qualifications content for these debt activities.

Click on the title of an NOS unit to download the full content of the unit.

Additional information can be found on the Money and Pensions Service website:

Once accredited, your award will be valid for a period of three years at which point a full re-assessment will be due. Due the nature of this framework, it is recognised that training content is highly likely to change during the period of accreditation, and therefore training providers will be required to undergo re-assessment each time either the training content or supporting delivery materials are updated.

The documents below provide additional information regarding post accreditation requirements and assessment activities.

Individual Framework Reassessment Guidance

Individual Framework Interim Assessment Application

Individual Framework Self-Assessment Checklist

Individual Framework Post Accreditation Information Pack

Optional NOS Self Assessment Spreadsheet

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