Lexcel FAQs

The registration fee is the fee invoiced by the Lexcel Office to process your application. They will invoice you directly after they have completed this. It is very important that you pay the registration fee otherwise your Lexcel Award will be delayed. The assessment fee is the cost that we charge for delivering the assessment. This will be invoiced to you after we have carried out the on site assessment. You will be advised of this cost in the quote that we send you in your client agreement.

You need to have run your Lexcel system for a minimum of 3 months before the assessor comes on site. The date is agreed between you and your assessor and needs to be on the application form before you send it off to the Lexcel Office.

Non compliances are common in assessments so don’t worry. You are allowed up to 21 days to correct minor non-compliances and 3 months for major non-compliances. Once your assessor has verified that all non-compliances have been corrected, we recommend to the Lexcel Office that the Award be made.

We would certainly recommend using the self-assessment checklist. This form will take you through all I would certainly use the self-assessment check list. This form will take you through all the Lexcel areas and you can map what you have in place and work on any areas where you come up short.

Recognising Excellence’s team can also offer bespoke consultancy support to help prepare for an initial assessment and implement suggestions for best practice following an assessment.

Submit two applications: Lexcel England and Wales (v6.1) for the assessment of the head office and any English/Welsh branch offices against and one for the assessment of the independent office overseas against Lexcel International (v5.1).

The assessor must inform the practice of their recommended outcome of the assessment during the closing meeting at the end of the assessment, with the formal report to follow within 5 days. The assessor must manage the practice’s expectations effectively via clear communication of their recommendations. This includes in relation to corrective actions for non-compliances. Assessors cannot make any guarantees to the practice regarding their accreditation status; this is determined by the Lexcel Office at the Law Society.

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