What is Lexcel?

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What is Lexcel?

Lexcel is designed to be a driver of competitive advantage and in an increasingly competitive and diverse legal market, it is essential that your practice offers clients clear and distinctive assurance of quality. Attaining the Lexcel Standard can help you differentiate your firm’s services, reduce costs, improve profitability, and assist regulatory compliance. 

See below video on YouTube to hear from a Managing Partner of one of our Lexcel firms providing first-hand insight on why Lexcel has worked for them.

If you are interested in our free webinar 'Preparing for a Lexcel Assessment and The Application Process' please email marian.moir@recognisingexcellence.co.uk.


  • With ever-increasing competitive forces and client demands, it’s vital to manage the quality and delivery of legal services. A quality management system demonstrates commitment and an ability to consistently deliver services that meet client expectations, improve overall satisfaction and assist regulatory compliance.

  • Designer specifically for the legal sector, Lexcel is the Law Society’s Standard for excellence in practice management and client care. It provides a flexible, supportive management framework to help practices develop consistent operational efficiencies and client service, manage risk effectively, reduce costs and promote profitability.

  • Lexcel defines quality management procedures in seven areas: structure and strategy, financial management, information management, people management, risk management, client care, and file and case management.

  • Achieving accreditation involves the submission of an application form and subsequent assessment by an independent assessment body. Lexcel accreditation is awarded for three years, and annual re-accreditation and monitoring visits to ensure continued compliance.

  • Practices are required to achieve and maintain the stated requirements in the Standard. The independent assessment process validates that these have been met.  Lexcel is now recognised by the LAA as an alternative Standard to SQM (Specialist Quality Mark).  Firms now have the choice to be assessed against Lexcel or SQM as part of their contract requirement.  If you wish to transfer from SQM to Lexcel we can arrange this for you. 

  • Lexcel is owned and managed by the Law Society of England and Wales. This includes developing the Standard and associated products, administration and review of all applications, overseeing the assessment process and promoting the scheme. Except where specific franchise agreements are in place, the Law Society of England and Wales is the only body authorised to award Lexcel accreditation.


Proof that Lexcel is good for legal businesses’, where the managing partner of one of our clients provides first-hand insight on why Lexcel has worked for their firm.

Well worth watching the interview on YouTube, at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyGqmvlBR4c&feature=youtu.be to see why it is worth going for Lexcel accreditation.

Brethertons LLP say that as a result of their participation in Lexcel: “Our overall complaints have reduced by 68.2%. (and) our annual turnover has increased by 27.5%." The benefits of investing in Lexcel are far-reaching and numerous. "So many problems have simply evaporated. Staff morale is always high which increases productivity immensely. 

AB & David Law - Ghana say “today’s discerning clients are not looking for merely ‘satisfactory’ work, or work that is technically accurate, they are also interested in the quality of how the service is delivered. Having Lexcel provides evidence of our ongoing commitment to providing excellent service and improving our policies and procedures.”

Lexcel has been endlessly positive for AB & David Law. It has provided us with a platform to see what our business and the team within it is capable of. “You will be amazed what can be achieved if you put the right framework in place.”

Gartlan Furey Solicitors - Ireland say “even if a firm considers their management systems are already very efficient, there are major benefits to being able to show clients and suppliers that you have an external mark of excellence".

“Even the best legal practices can be improved.”