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AQS Commitment Registration Scheme

Deciding to work towards a quality standard demonstrates your commitment to implementing quality assured advice services however, we recognise this can be daunting at first. Consulting with our partners and funders in the advice sector is essential and your feedback has helped us develop a cost effective support package – the AQS Commitment Registration Scheme.

What you told Us?

‘The Preparation Guide is great but it’s so much easier to talk this through with an experienced assessor, who can explain what the requirements mean in practice’

The Solution – Document Review Telephone Appointment

We now offer a Document Review Telephone appointment with our in-house AQS Quality Manager who can talk you through the different stages of the assessment cycle and carry out a self-assessment with you to map your policies and procedures against the standard and help you identify exactly what you need to do to address any gaps.

What you told Us?

‘It would be really helpful if you provided a tool for me to share with my colleagues so that everyone in the service has a clear understanding of what the Standard means to them and their part in achieving best practice’

The Solution – AQS Webinar Suite

The AQS Webinar Suite includes a series of webinars that you and your team can access at any time, with expert explanations, highlighting common corrective actions and top tips. There are 10 webinars in total covering each of the 7 sections of the Standard, Casework, Telephones Services and Debt Advice.

What you told us?

‘We would really like to put together a Quality Manual that includes all our AQS policies and procedures in one place, but this takes time!’

The Solution – Recognising Excellence Quality Manual

The Recognising Excellence Quality Manual has been developed by our AQS team to set out the operational standards and guidance for your advice service. The Manual includes Policies and Procedures that you can adapt to your own practice and will enable you to set out what you are aiming to achieve, and the quality standards to which you adhere to.

The AQS Commitment Registration Scheme – How much does it cost?

We are confident you’ll be interested in our support package as a cost effective and efficient way of enabling your advice service to become an AQS holder within a very short time scale. As a result, we offer the complete package (including all the solutions outlined above) for a small fee of £175.00 + VAT. What’s more if your organisation submits an AQS Application Form and supporting documents within three months of committing to the scheme, we will reduce your Desktop Audit fee from £475.00 + VAT to £375.00 + VAT.

For our Application Form and AQS Commitment Registration Form please visit our Application Documentation page.

If you would like to find out more about the resources that are available to you then please call our main office line on 01452 688357.

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